Your Growth

Your Growth is my Goal

There are several ways I can help you develop yourself, your teams, and get results!

Try This!

Over the years, I’ve found and created tools to help leaders get results and retain employees. I’ll continue adding ideas to Try This! that I think add value to leaders. Experiment yourself and see.

the Collaborative

Frontline leaders are critical to the success of every organization. That fact cannot be overstated. Leaders are in a position to influence the majority of the people within the organization. With increasing customer orders and tighter labor markets, development is no longer an option, it’s a necessity.

The Collaborative is designed to support internal development efforts by offering relevant content around Best Practice deployment (process development, training, metrics/visual display boards, coaching, problem solving, and celebration), team development, and personal growth. Although the Collaborative adjusts as needed to address current needs of the members.

Leaders meet monthly then return to work with commitments to experiment with what they’ve learned. At the next session, participants are asked about their progress. The intent is to encourage and celebrate growth, and support leaders in their ownership of the investment and rewards for their team and its purpose.

Here’s a double-win: leaders are developed methodically while the benefits of their growth are realized in the organization.

For more information, visit the Collaborative or Contact Me to learn more and apply for membership.

Learning/Coaching Workshops

Workshops offer the greatest opportunity to develop skillful habits. Each week, participants work on job-related challenges and learn from others’ experiences and feedback. Follow the links below to learn more about each workshop. Check the Calendar for upcoming public workshops or Contact Me to schedule a private group.

  • Guarantee Stress-Free Results (4 weekly 90-minute sessions per month, eight months)
    • Develop Yourself
    • Build Your Team
    • Best Practices
  • Solving Problems using the problem solving model of your choice and A3 documentation (6 weekly 90-minute virtual sessions) 
  • Increasing Your Effectiveness by understanding blind spots and managing stakeholder relationships (6 bi-weekly sessions)
  • Activate Your Personal Strengths to increase your success and fuel your fulfillment (coming soon!)


As a Learner (number 4 talent in my Strengths Finder results), I devour books. The books I list here I’ve either read, purchased, or they were recommended by leaders I respect. In the spirit of full-disclosure, please know I receive a small commission if you make purchases after following my links.

Private Coaching

Coaching is only relevant when you have something that’s worth improving in your work life. It doesn’t matter whether I think you should improve on it, the change has to be important to you. If you can achieve the goal on your own, you don’t need coaching, although you usually get there sooner with a little help.

Once you’ve selected an area for improvement, I become your partner in pursuing your goals.  You bring expert knowledge of yourself and your environment to the partnership: circumstances, strengths and weaknesses, what’s working and what’s not, what’s worked in the past and so on. I bring the process. I walk you through clarifying your goals and connecting them to your values. I help you recognize obstacles and develop action plans. As your partner in your improvement journey, I encourage and support you, I advocate for you when you beat yourself up,  and I help you set up methods to hold yourself accountable.  My role is to remain emotionally neutral in the details of your change and stay vigilant in the process of getting you from where you are to where you want to be.

Sometimes the coaching process uncovers inconsistencies between what you say you want and what you actually do. In these cases, we may need to explore your ambivalence. (I liken this to having two committees in my head, each vying for opposite goals. For example: I want to lose weight; and I love to eat!) This exploration helps us attach value to your improvement goal, making it clearly more important than staying with the status quo. Only then can we effectively move on to action planning and implementation.

If you’re wondering whether this coach-partnership can help you develop professionally, let’s talk about it. In about 30 minutes, I can learn about the challenges you want to overcome and you can decide if you’re comfortable with me. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about me or the coaching process. By the end of the call, I hope you’ll leave with your next steps that may or may not include coaching with me.

Are you ready for coaching? Contemplate these questions, then contact Me with questions, or schedule this no-charge Strategy Session.



Sometimes all it takes to get your team moving is a little inspiration. Invite several of your team members or peers to join you and share in the learning experience. This is an easy way to help them catch your vision – hearing it from someone outside the company. My presentations engage the audience and yield nuggets that participants can apply in their workplace.

I’ll be happy to visit your group in person, or interact virtually. These are samples of my talk topics, I’ll be happy to discuss other topics that may be more relevant to your group:

  • Leading Change
  • Helping Employees Overcome Resistance to Change
  • 3 Timeless Principles of Facilitating Blended Virtual Groups (physical groups with remote participants)
  • 10 Ways to Cut Wasted Process Time
  • The Power of Visual Management
  • Engaging Employees through Managing for Daily Improvement
  • How to Make Change Successful by Involving Stakeholders
  • How to Make Decisions Based on Facts, Not Emotions
  • How to Solve Problems: Six Steps to Success
  • Critical Differences between Teams and Groups
  • Strength-Based Leadership

Contact Me to schedule an interactive talk.


I believe God cares about our success and fulfillment through work. I pray this for all my clients (unless you ask me not me to). If there’s something specific you’d like me to talk to God about, I’ll be happy to lift that request. If there’s nothing specific, I’ll also pray for you according to this BREAD acronym:

  • Breakthroughs
  • Results
  • Energy
  • Answers
  • Development (as a leader)