Solving Problems


A3 Problem Solving/Group Coaching Workshop

Is This for You?

Do problems resurface after you thought you solved them?

Do you struggle getting support from others when solving problems?

Where do you typically get stuck solving problems: getting the right scope, finding the root causes, or implementing counter measures?

This group-coaching workshop is designed for front-line leaders, supervisors, and change agents who want to:

  • Solve a relevant business issue in 60 days!
  • Receive support from the coach and every member of the group.
  • Develop a problem-solving mindset.
  • Get inspiration from fellow participants as they test and succeed in their work places.
  • Support your team(s) by removing obstacles and frustrations.
  • Envision bigger and broader possibilities
  • Keep problems from resurfacing (stop fighting fires!)
  • Reinforce your learning, solidify your application by hearing more life stories.

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Limited to ten (10) clients,
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What Others Say

Doug, a Quality Manager said, Your approach as coach creates a low stress environment. You do not overly push people to join in and still keep everyone involved… the workshop has given me a few new tools and ideas I can use in my everyday job:

  1. The book that goes with class.
  2. Just simply using the word “experiment” is more helpful than you would think.
  3. We REALLY need to define the problem instead of jumping straight to the root cause. Not doing so can lead to us wasting time “fixing” the wrong issue.
  4. I am going to try and maybe set up a quarterly meeting with the quality guru’s from our other facilities so we can brainstorm our biggest issues and get new ideas.
  5. It has also helped bring me back to where I once was. I was once the 90% prevention mode and now because we have put Band-Aids on issues instead of curing the real cause we are in fire fight mode. I am going to turn that around.

What is an A3 Group Coaching Workshop?

A3 is a visual tool used to engage others in your problem by telling a story on an A3-size piece of paper. This Workshop uses participants’ actual problems, not classroom simulations.

Group Coaching is similar to one-on-one coaching – it serves you personally as you conquer your challenges. Because it’s a group, there is additional value in walking side-by-side with other professionals who have similar challenges.

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Limited to ten (10) clients.
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What to Expect

Throughout this workshop, you will:

  • Receive regular feedback to make sure you’re using the A3 tool correctly.
  • Learn from the successes and failures of other leaders facing similar problems.
  • Ask questions, brainstorm ideas, and get practical suggestions.
  • Celebrate successes, receive encouragement, and build momentum.

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Limited to ten (10) clients.
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Where/How We Work

In order to make this group coaching workshop available to all, we’re offering it virtually. This means you can participate from your desk without 1-2 hours transit time each way. We meet once a week via video conference.

Sessions include live coaching on using the A3 Problem-Solving tool and overcoming obstacles to implementation. Before closing, we’ll have a short learning module on the next step in the problem-solving process.

Between sessions, you and your fellow participants will work on your projects using the A3 Problem-Solving tool. Prior to each session, everybody submits their working A3 so they can be displayed and discussed during the next group coaching session.

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Limited to ten (10) clients.
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When We Meet

Group Coaching Sessions: Six (6) Wednesdays, 11 AM – 12:30 PM ET, July 19 through August 23 (registration closes July 5th)

No-cost Bonus Coaching Available: 30 minutes after each session, unlimited email during workshop, and one private follow-up session (to be scheduled after the workshop).

If these dates/times prevent you from joining, please contact me.

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Limited to ten (10) clients.
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  • You’ll need access to a video connection (to view materials during sessions) and phone/audio to participate (with headset).
  • You understand that problem solving is the fundamental tool in sustaining Continuous Improvement.
  • You’re familiar with lean manufacturing or process improvement metrics: Safety, Product Quality, Delivery, Costs, and Employee Engagement.
  • You understand how your role (and the work of your team) contributes to the success of the business.
  • You will have a problem to solve during this workshop.

If you’re concerned about not meeting these prerequisites,
please contact me.


Standard Participant Rate $400 (If you learned about this workshop from someone else, check to see if they have a promotional code).

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Limited to ten (10) clients.
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Preparation for First Session

After registering, you’ll receive information to prepare for the workshop:

  • Purchase materials (Managing to Learn, by John Shook), read chapter 1 prior to first session.
  • Complete and submit a Client Profile, Primary Focus form, and sign and return a Group Coaching Workshop Agreement.
  • Schedule a preliminary session with Kelly to test technology (here are some Zoom tips), discuss your responsibilities at work, your goals for the workshop, and potential problem/project selection. This Project Selection tool will help you select the best project to use during this workshop.

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Limited to ten (10) clients.
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