Group Coaching (**) Workshops offer the greatest opportunity to develop skillful habits. Each week, participants work on a job-related challenge and learn from others’ experiences and feedback. Check the Calendar for scheduled workshops that build on the Leadership Building Blocks or Contact Me to plan a private group within your organization. Follow the links below to learn more about each workshop.

  • Solving Problems using the A3 story-telling model to engage and create problem solvers throughout the culture.
  • Getting Results
    • Coaching for Continuous Improvement (MDI), Visual Scoreboards, and Running Experiments
    • Leader Standard Work so your performance is as repeatable as the processes you manage
  • Managing Change, since all change affects people:
    • Encouraging Resistors who are protecting themselves or preventing change
    • Helping Acceptors get on board sooner rather than later
    • Empowering Activators and Embracers who lead and implement change if you’ll let them
  • Leading Yourself
  • Leading Teams
    • Counteract The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team: Trust One Another, Engage in Conflict Around Ideas, Commit to Decisions, Hold One Another Accountable, and Focus on Achieving Collective Results
    • Build the Strengths of Your Team

(**) Coaching is based on the assumption that you have some experience in the topic and don’t need more training. Furthermore, you are the expert on what works for you in your environment. As your coach, my job is to help you pull these pieces together to propel you toward your goals.