Clifton Strengths Finder

This book explains a new paradigm that busts our belief that we should focus on overcoming our weaknesses. Instead, it speaks to capitalizing on our strengths so our weaknesses become insignificant.

Do you know what your Strengths are?

When you buy the book (or one of the others listed below) you get a serial number for the online assessment. This also gives you access to resources within the  Gallup Strengths Center.

Take the assessment learn what your talents are and become more selective in the type of projects you take on.


Go, Put Your Strengths to Work

The Strengths Finder assessment reveals your top talent themes. These themes will appear in everything you pursue. Go, Put Your Strengths to Work is the book I’ve used to further articulate my strengths and navigate the challenge of telling others what you do well and that the organization will be better off if you can focus on those tasks and responsibilities. All that without sounding arrogant or appearing that you’re not a team player.

Strengths-Based Leadership

If you want to create and lead in a strengths-based culture, Strength Based Leadership is the book to provide you the insights you need. This book includes the assessment described above.

Gallup Webcasts

Gallup has produced three seasons of webcast episodes focused on each strength. The table below includes links to these episodes. If you’re in a hurry, listen/watch the shorts versions. I’ve found and listened to most of the season episodes on podcasts as well.

I’ve listed the 34 talent themes in their Leadership Domains.

 Executing Domain

Those with dominant themes in the Executing domain know how to make things happen. When the team needs someone to implement a solution, these are the people who will work tirelessly to get it done. Those with a strength to execute have the ability to “catch” an idea and make it a reality.

Achiever Short Achiever Season 1 Achiever Season 2 Achiever Season 3
Arranger Short Arranger Season 1 Arranger Season 2 Arranger Season 3
Belief Short Belief Season 1 Belief Season 2 Belief Season 3
Consistency Short Consistency Season 1 Consistency Season 2 Consistency Season 3
Deliberative Short Deliberative Season 1 Deliberative Season 2 Deliberative Season 3
Discipline Short Discipline Season 1 Discipline Season 2 Discipline Season 3
Focus Short Focus Season 1 Focus Season 2 Focus Season 3
Responsibility Short Responsibility Season 1 Responsibility Season 2 Responsibility Season 3
Restorative Short Restorative Season 1 Restorative Season 2 Restorative Season 3

 Influencing Domain

Those with dominant themes in the Influencing domain help their team reach a much broader audience. These individuals can sell the team’s ideas inside and outside the organization. When the team needs someone to take charge, speak up, and make sure the group is heard, look to someone with the strength to influence.

Activator Short Activator Season 1 Activator Season 2 Activator Season 3
Command Short Command Season 1 Command Season 2 Command Season 3
Communication Short Communication Season 1 Communication Season 2 Communication Season 3
Competition Short Competition Season 1 Competition Season 2 Competition Season 3
Maximizer Short Maximizer Season 1 Maximizer Season 2 Maximizer Season 3
Self-Assurance Short Self-Assurance Season 1 Self-Assurance Season 2 Self-Assurance Season 3
Significance Short Significance Season 1 Significance Season 2 Significance Season 3
Woo Short Woo Season 1 Woo Season 2 Woo Season 3

Relationship Building Domain

Those with dominant themes in the Relationship Building domain can provide the essential glue to hold a team together. Without these strengths on a team, in many cases, the group is simply a composite of individuals. In contrast, team members with exceptional Relationship Building  strength have the unique ability to help the group become much greater than the sum of its parts.

Adaptability Short Adaptability Season 1 Adaptability Season 2 Adaptability Season 3
Connectedness Short Connectedness Season 1 Connectedness Season 2 Connectedness Season 3
Developer Short Developer Season 1 Developer Season 2 Developer Season 3
Empathy Short Empathy Season 1 Empathy Season 2 Empathy Season 3
Harmony Short Harmony Season 1 Harmony Season 2 Harmony Season 3
Includer Short Includer Season 1 Includer Season 2 Includer Season 3
Individualization Short Individualization Season 1 Individualization Season 2 Individualization Season 3
Positivity Short Positivity Season 1 Positivity Season 2 Positivity Season 3
Relator Short Relator Season 1 Relator Season 2 Relator Season 3

Strategic Thinking Domain

Those with dominant Strategic Thinking themes are the ones who keep the team focused on what could be. They are constantly absorbing and
analyzing information and helping the team make better decisions. People with strength in this domain continually stretch the team’s thinking for the future.

Analytical Short Analytical Season 1 Analytical Season 2 Analytical Season 3
Context Short Context Season 1 Context Season 2 Context Season 3
Futuristic Short Futuristic Season 1 Futuristic Season 2 Futuristic Season 3
Ideation Short Ideation Season 1 Ideation Season 2 Ideation Season 3
Input Short Input Season 1 Input Season 2 Input Season 3
Intellection Short Intellection Season 1 Intellection Season 2 Intellection Season 3
Learner Short Learner Season 1 Learner Season 2 Learner Season 3
Strategic Short Strategic Season 1 Strategic Season 2 Strategic Season 3

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