Supervisors Who Conquer Change Will Succeed

All manufacturers are facing challenges. Customers expect more, competition gets better, employees leave, and labor markets are tight. Supervisors and other leaders are challenged to get more product out, faster, and cheaper.

Many supervisors are promoted based on their technical expertise and success as individual contributors. They made substantial achievements and exceeded expectations. But supervising others requires significantly broader competencies such as leading change, and influencing and supporting others so they can accomplish the tasks.

There are critical skills and competencies every supervisor needs to be successful. I help leaders build their skills in Solving Problems, Getting Results and Leading Teams. In support of those skills, I coach clients to leverage their strengths, identify blind spots, and sharpen their relational skills.

Instead of just adding knowledge, I find and build on existing capacities within leaders so they can apply what they already know. In collaborative conversations focused on your stated goals, I ask critical, thought-provoking questions, give feedback, and affirm growth which leads to greater confidence. When I think it’s helpful, I make suggestions based on my experiences working with other successful leaders.

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